Camp Juniper and the Shiny Orc

All Along the Watchtower...

After getting some spiffy new flip ID’s from the Caledonians and several mission help requests, the party have an uneventful boat journey to Port Elarana (with a tearful Captain Kizmet saying goodbye to his pet pirates as they go into training to become competent sailors).

Upon arrival at Port Elarana Telemis heads straight to the local authorities to follow up the lead on the latest mission and to acquire some horses, where as Fellburger, Kizmet and Dina prioritise and proceed straight to the nearest pub. Before even entering they hear raised voices, As they walk into the pub a chair flies through the door which Dina neatly avoids and Fellburger catches with his face. Dina defuses the situation between the sailors and rangers inside. As the miscrents shamble out a sailor shunts Fellburger, after requesting an apology with a scorching ray prepared, the sailor attacks Fellburger and ends up as a shrivelled soldering corpse as much from the Deathknell from Kizmet as the ray, whilst this is going on Dina is standing, sighing, at the side.

After a quick drink the party meets up with Telemis and heads off towards a Caladon outpost. After a short while the party, minus a randomly missing Vlad, encounters an over encumbered, art loving, gold clad modified Orc. After Kizmet distracts the Orc by telling it to stand still and not attack (an order which it follows until the party start attacking it) the Orc is dispatched with the only casualty being one of Kizmet’s summoned zombies (which is lucky considering the massive lack of healer).

The Party discover the watchtower decimated and smoking, littered around the place are corpses Caladon and Orc alike, all completely stripped of all weapons and armour. The party indulges in its favorite pass time of pointlessly looking for things that arnt there, before heading off to report in, taking a detour to Telemis’s ancestral home.

Upon arrival they hear rustling in the bushes but seeing nothing there head inside and proceed to search the ground floor. Finding nothing the party decide to try there luck upstairs, Kizmet looks in the first room to the left, and seeing a set of draws heads over….and falls through the rotted floor, he runs straight back up the stairs and heads back into the room to jump over the hole in the floor and make another hole. Searching the rest of the rooms Telemis finds a small toy bow and a stuffed doll which seems so strangely familiar, entering the final room the party hear a click as they activate a spike trap dropping a ton of weighted spikes on there heads. Dina laughs it off as they bounce off her armour but the rest of the party grumble in pain.

Due to a detect magic spell by Fellburger, Telemis finds another magic twig and a book with hundreds of different creatures in, most are illustrated. Finding nothing else the party head outside and hear the rustling in the trees again, slightly confused and annoyed in not seeing anything Fellburger lobs a fireball into the general area the rustling is coming from revealing an assassin vine, after sending a sacrificial Zombie to test its power, the party simply stay out of its reach as it slowly drags itself menacingly towards the party, eventully it gives way to Fellburgers barrage of hell and shrivels up dropping many a corpse from its vines, having had enough for one day the party have an uneventful journey back to Port Elarana where they rest for the night.



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