Captain Zacbeard Ceases Command (and his mace)

"Can you sneak attack a boat?"

After being turned to stone after the latest episode of foolhardy action and suicidal stupidity our heroes find them selves captured by pirates! After awarding Vladimir the medal for longest and most pointless sprint their host turns out to be an out and out rum cove(!), while Kizmet desperately tries to cop a feel from the second in command and kiss the arse of the captain (how far will he go to get his mace back?); Fellburger dangles about in the rigging looking for the perfect spot to place a fireball to kill the maximum amount of innocents.

Luckily some one is on the case and Vladimir seeks out the stupidest member of the crew and tries to extract all the complicated answers but gets nothing back but apples, Dina struggles desperately to resist the advances of the foul captain while extracting the most expensive dress and proves the manhood she doesn’t have by beating up the crew.

Just as the plot threatens to be forgotten our heroes are suddenly dragged into a stealthy and cunning mutiny; which with a little help they manage to completely balls up and resort to the good old plan be “kill everything that moves and burn down all the buildings”; after sinking almost all the fleet the mutineers hoped to cease they sit down in there finest clothes and have a refined dinner with all the crew.

Unfortunately the bastard captain wont stay dead so its more running up and down before Kizmet buries him under a pile of zombies and we can all go back and finish our dinner.


I added links to your post Rowan. Although still need Zack to register before I can link his ass in. He seems to be heavily responsible for most of the crap that happened on the Island.


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