Oh wait she's alive then

After the adventures on the ship Roxy dropped the party off onto Kizmets ship, ship being a little fancy a word for it. Whilst Fellburger pilots the ship to shore under fire from a Caladon mounted gun Kizmet flies off as a ‘scout’, and Dina and Vlad create a shabby version of the Caledonian flag and run it up the flag post.

Upon arriving at the shore with the ship taking minimal damage Caladonian officials meet the party, well the barrels of the officials guns do and thanks to Kizmets big mouth several bullets aswell. After sorting out the mess and giving there true names the officials take the party to the council where Fellburger see’s something called a battle tank and wants a go.

During the debriefing Kizmet lies through his teeth until they find out that goggles didn’t die in the Arctic and so the council know exactly what happened. during this entire process Kizmet managed to get the offer of getting his ship prepared, and a secondary option of having an entirely new crew off of Caledonian sailors. the offer of sailors was quickly taken back due to yet more lying.



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