The big Machine

Ohh a glowy blue box

The party proceeds to head on task, snapping some pics of the illusive Russian tech’ (capture or destroy some if possible) Shortly into the journey the party encounters a group of winter guard just ahead of them in a clearing. favouring the surprise tactic Vlad’ starts glowing massively and gives their position away……Whilst dispatching these guard Dina hears a silenced shot from the woods as a bullet pings off her plate, she yells to everyone that their in the woods. Telemis manages to spot two Widowmakers hiding and taking pot shots at the party, Fellburger sees where Telemis is pointing vaguely, and hurls a fireball in and scores a hit. After finishing these off in style and stealing their guns the party heads onwards, and spots a road with a patrol heading down it. Deciding to stage the ambush properly this time Dina and Telemis each fire off a shot from there shiny new sniper rifles whilst Fellburger hurls a fireball into the fray, again. After a short but deadly fight the patrol is wiped out leaving the huge lump of the metal Juggernaut, which is searched thoroughly and is found to be powered by a Glowey blue box which is quickly pilfered. the party attempt to drag the Juggernaut back to base and fail miserably so whilst Fellburger is taking some photo’s with Dina posing over the Juggernaut Telemis steals any more sniper rounds that he can. The party head back to base camp with all that they collected.



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