The core to mother russia

I want one, hmm here you go

The party find their time in the core very uneventful, well most of them anyhow. Vlad gets an offer to restore his medical license if he agrees to look into a case with people missing or gaining random organs and Fell joins the ranks of the Gun-Mages and gets bounds to a shiny new magelock pistol. The party reassemble and head down to mother Russia where an invading force is attacking a Caledonian base which was formerly a small village. After speaking to Jason and some cocky barbarians the party heads out armed with a camera on a recon mission.

After heading out into the woods the party encounter a group of man hunters which they quickly dispatch, taking one captive for torture, and position the rest of the corpses in funny poses and taking some photo’s. Kizmet hefts two of the blunderbusses over his shoulers in a lockstock moment. The partyu escorts the prisoner back to camp for interigation and head back out finding a dire wolf the mash it with spells and axes causing dina to level up.



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