To the Core

Wild Nights and the Peanut King


After resting the night in Port Elarana the party heads towards the city of Core, they decide make a stop over in the seemingly peaceful town of Bantegan.

After entering the town they make a beeline for the nearest tavern and set up for the evening, Fellburger orders a nice meal and claims a table, Kizmet promptly joins him with his brand spanking new Imp, Pazoozoo (which at this point looks like a beautiful woman), whilst Vladimir and Dina head to the bar. Telemis, after spotting a fellow Elf, starts up a conversation with her and attempts to get into her knickers.

After much filler, Vlad’ tries to score some kind of “Herbal remedies” from the shadiest person in the bar and promptly purchases some ‘Devilweed’ and after a bit of thought some ‘Liquid pain’. Kizmet starts hitting on the only semi-attractive female serving woman there, his Imp has other plans and tries to put her off by changing into a copy of the shady dealer, this tatic failing it transorms into a Tramp and mulls around the bar bugging Vlad’. Meanwhile Dina spots a hooded group of people huddeled in the corner and decides to investigate and Vlad’ fires up his pipe o’ fun, wanders over to Felllburgr eating his dinner and lets the Devilweed work its mind numbing magic.

Telemis and the elf hit it off and she agrees to accompany the party to Core, then she agrees to a night of pointy eared passion in her room in the inn opposite. Vlad’, with his Devilweed session now in full swing, goes flying into the street armed with nothing but a bowl of peanunts for sustenance and Kizmet’s Imp for company. Sighing, Fellburger decides on a exciting night and heads up to his room with a book. Kizmet hits it off with the bar maid (after convincing her that he is loaded) and heads back to her room. The hooded group chatting to Dina say that there is a cult in Core that seem to be removing peoples brains, with this to ponder Dina heads into the world and seaches for Vlad.

Laying in bed Fellburger is disturbed by a strange Whooping noise from outside, followed by tiles smashing on the ground, looking out the window he sees Vlad hurtling across the rooftops like some drugged up Mary Poppins. Deciding to leave him to his own devices he crawls back into bed, but feels a weird shifty jolt, after giving up working out what it was he goes back to sleep. Dina eventually finds Vlad standing on a roof hurling tiles down at people and declaring himself, “The Peanut KING”. She manages to convince him to come down without jumping and he is quickly whisked away to the Guard Station, where they give Dina the choice of being responsible for him or giving him the night in a cell, after the easy decision of the cell she heads back to bed.

Whilst Telemis is asleep his elven lover draws a dagger and attempts to coup-de-grace him and as she fails Telemis manages to disarm and bind her, after a few minutes of failed questioning he wraps her up and heads across to the other Inn for Dina’s assistance. After they manage to get through all of the assasins lies, they discover that she was sent to kill Telemis as he and his elven clan makes “Thesia weak” and the “Demons can make it strong”, they also find out that it was her first mission, a kind of acceptance ceremony which she has now failed.

Lana the Assassin

During the crazy sexfest Kizmet is having with the bar maid, he manacles her and Kills her as he finishes. Kizmet proceeds to get dressed and after checking that everyone is asleep, rolls her up in the bedding and carries her out of town. Stopped on the way by a curious guard he manages to persuade him that he was just looking for a laundrette to clean his sheets. After burying her in the woods in a shallow grave he heads back to get some sleep.

As morning arrives Kizmet has a go at the owner of the inn saying that the serving woman has robbed him and run, the owner refuses to compensate for his loss since she stole his sheets. The party goes and retrieves Vlad from the cell where he tries to get his devilweed that the guards confiscated and subsequently fails miserably. As the party leave the town to head towards the Core they get a strange following of bison. Upon inspecting his saddle bags Fellburger finds the bag full of bison semen, annoyed he throws the bag at the imp. The others inspect their bags and find them all similarly full of semen except Dina, as her horse is summoned. Vlad finds his bags not only full of semen but also peanuts. Kizmet skilfully places his saddle bag on one of the bison which leaves looking confused, the rest follow it. The rest of the journey to the Core was uneventful.


shouldnt the picture be labled ‘lana the failed assasin’

To the Core

Telemis had to get a roll of 20+ on the fort save to not die. He was way lucky he got it.

To the Core

she still failed

To the Core

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