Old kingdom mutt


The Cyber-Mastiff was one of the first pieces of technology discovered by Caledonian Vanguards almost thirty years ago. Combining the dexterity of a dog with the durability of a soldier these ancient canines are superior in every way to conventional scouts. Their considerable talents do not stop with just mere sentry duty as the mastiff’s are capable of integrating with almost any piece of Old-kingdom technology that has a suitable hard-wire port. This has led to the few Mastiffs available to be assigned to guide expeditions into large old-kingdom bases. One such mastiff was at the forefront of the failed Arctic expedition, its talents enabled the forward team to access sealed security systems that would otherwise take minutes of hacking to break into.

A Mastiff

Not much is known about the workings of a Mastiff and attempts to dissect one has typically resulted in irreversible damage to the Mastiff’s mind. As such most Caledonians do not attempt to alter a Mastiff in anyway unless it is severely damaged, in which case it is stripped for parts and thoroughly documented. The limited information discovered about their workings have proved to be a great help in understanding their capabilities. It is understood that the mastiffs posses motion detection as well as thermal and night-vision sight. They are also seemingly capable of communicating via radio waves to other mastiffs that are within a few kilometres. It was even mentioned by a Ghost discovered by a Caledonian team that the mastiffs possess the intelligence of a dog and that they have been in communication with old-kingdom technology for decades, although all they talk about is running and sleeping.


Dexter is a mastiff assigned to Mohia Matara and her unit. It is rarely seen but has proved its worth when it succeeded in hacking a security door in the Arctic region. Dexter is currently alive and was last seen chasing sheep in the Caledonian meadows.


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