Jaina Keria

Priestess and Mohia's sister


Jaina is a true-born Caledonians and so spent much of her younger life under the command of the Caladon state. Her father is a High-ranking Technocrat within the political command of Caladon while her Mother is a head priestess of the Caledonian religion ‘The Goddess’. Unlike her sister Jaina decided to follow in her mothers footsteps and rose to prominence within the Caledonian state religion. Quickly becoming a figurehead of the Goddess faith.

Jaina, like many Caledonians, is unable to cast magic due to the Gauge Anomaly that inflicts their entire genetic structure. As such she had to train heavily in the art of operating magical contraptions and scrolls in order to fulfil her role as head-priestess within the church. When she is not operating the church she is sometimes brought into important military campaigns due to her outstanding leadership skills. Mohia often calls upon her sister to aid her team with intelligence in battle, which due to the advancements in radio communications allows Jaina to quickly communicate maps and other documents straight into the field of battle.

During the failed Arctic Expedition Jaina gained great respect within the other empires due to her amazing co-ordination of the exploration teams. She not only managed to co-ordinate the entire operation with great efficiency but her decision to reduce the exploration zone by 30% contributed to the success of the evacuation of the Arctic by non-Caledonian forces.

Jaina typically comes off as offensive and moody to people who do not properly know her however once people stay around her, and put up with her constant insults, for a sufficient amount of time she eventually begins to warm up to them. Mohia seems completely oblivious to her sisters angry tirades and will likely never step in to defend anyone from the torrent of abuse. It is therefore recommended to always stand your ground when dealing with Jaina as if you back down she will insult you, if you stay strong she will insult you still but at least she will slightly respect you for it.

Jaina currently is alive, she was briefly thought to be dead after spending two minutes submerged. She struggled to ditch her heavy armour when the Arctic boat sank and so had to spend several tense moments under the sea removing her gear before she could swim back up. She now spends her time co-coordinating the defence operations of Caladon with regards to the TQZ and Nova Russia.

Jaina Keria

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