Roxy Galbrini

Captain of the 'Maidens Bounty'


Human Female (3)

Level 2 Fighter/ Level 1 Rogue

p. Equipment: Cutlass, Blunderbuss, Pistol Brace

p. Assets: Maiden’s Bounty frigate. Crew of 40


Not much is known about Roxy except that she used to be Azuze’s first mate, that was before she organised a mutiny and took command for herself.
Unlike Azuze though Roxy does not like needless cruelty and although she is fine with robbing merchants blind and even sinking military targets she finds slave trade abhorrent, an act that Azuze did not.
Needless to say she is a very competent captain and will likely lead the crew of the Bounty to great riches.

Roxy Galbrini

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