Vladamir Pushkin

Healer and mess cleaner.


Healer 6 HP 30 AC 18 STR 10 DEX 10 CON 10 INT 10 WIS 15 CHA 21

FOR: 5 REF: 2 WIL: 8

Wep1: A stick (+3AB) 1d6/1d6(19-20) Wep2: M work X bow (+4AB) 1d8(19-20)


Vladimir was born in a remote town among the isolated mountain peaks to a farmer and a midwife; his childhood was uneventful if hard, struggling to eek out a living from the frozen landscape but often he stayed home to help his mother with the house work and followed on her rounds which is how he first encountered medicine. When he was fourteen he had all but become the towns unofficial doctor using what scraps he had pick up here and there or read in books to treat the various maladies of the local town in exchange for some pocket change, he also developed a weakness for female company and drink for which he was notorious as a rapscallion.

When he was sixteen his father decided to set him up with a career and curb his hedonism by sending him to a large medical school two weeks ride from the town in a valley, despite his lack of formal education he seemed to have the basic competence necessary so he was excepted. For the next three years he studied to become a doctor which he excelled at to a great enough extent to be offered an initiation to the order of asclepiouse, a highly select and elite cult devoted to the god of healing. When his studying was over he was initiated in to the order and spent a further three years learning the secret healing arts of the cult.

Though his academic achievements were intimidating there was the constant shadow of scandal hanging over him, from arriving late and hung over for lectures to being caught in bed with the tavern owners daughter his party hard life was always catching him up.

At 25 he started his practise proper and was highly sort after, his knowledge augmented with magical healing made him very successful but he took more to wandering between towns peddling his art then making any one stationary practise, it also conveniently cut down on the amount of angry husbands and fathers that would disturb him while he slept off last nights revelry.

Unfortunately one night while he was drinking in the tavern a young Shepard was brought in having been savaged by a wolf and laid at his feet by the desperate mother, he tried to refuse but they weren’t listening so he did the best he could. The boy died as he was too drunk to concentrate on a spell or even stitch up the wounds and after an agonising not to mention bloody struggle the family firmly blamed him for murdering there boy.

He was taken before a judge and accused of murder through negligence, his attempts to explain he had been forced to operate while unfit by a near mob went unheard as there where many testimonies to support that he had been drunk and that he had attempted to operate on the child. He was sentenced to five years in prison and was stripped of his rank as a member of the order.

He served his time quietly keeping his head down and was finally release; 30 years old with nothing to his name but his skills and a black reputation. Seeing that there wasn’t a hope in hell of anyone hiring him he headed south hopefully looking for someone that had never heard of him.

Vladamir Pushkin

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