Falcon .44

Common Old-Kingdom firearm

weapon (ranged)
Damage Range Critical Ammunition Cost Weight
2d6 40ft 20 (x2) 9-mm 300gp 3-lb
Refurbished stats are as above.
Vanilla stats are as above, however the shots are considered ranged touch attacks, the gun also becomes unusable on a roll of a 1 and must be refurbished to be useful again.


The Falcon .44 was one of the first technological finds discovered by Caladon.
It is a small hand-held device which uses gas compression to propel an aerodynamic projectile at considerable velocity. This is similar in function to the matchlock pistols used by privateers or even the flintlock long-arms frequently seen used by the Cumbrian Rifles Brigade.
A percussion cap is used to fire the projectile. This causes the explosive propellant inside the bullet to force itself out of the barrel while at the same time loading the following bullet into the chamber. This system provides the falcon with a rate of fire that shines in comparison to flint and match type firing systems.


The falcon is frequently found in most Old Kingdom ruins and as such it is a common side-arm of Caledonian forces.

There are many variations of the falcon but the main two are ‘renovated’ and ‘Vanilla’.

Renovated falcons are the variation that are fielded by all Caledonian personnel. It consists of a falcon that has been dismantled and had its ancient components replaced with modern day fabrications. This alteration greatly reduces the strength of the falcon, Caladon does not have the sufficient technology to produce the precise machine-engineered components that the Old-kingdom was capable of producing. As such the replacement parts greatly reduce the velocity and power of the bullet, although it still is considerable compared to other firearms.

Vanilla falcons are much more stronger than their renovated counterparts. They have not been renovated and so still use all their original parts, greatly increasing their power but at a cost of decreased reliability. It is strongly recommended to use a Vanilla falcon with caution as it is not uncommon for critical component failure to occur in the gun, which can often lead to the wielder loosing a few fingers.

Falcon .44

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