Power Armour

A legendary armoured suit

AC Abilities Special Abilities Sights Weight
+12 DR 5/-, +8 Max Dex, Immune to magic, atmospheric breathing mask, 5km radio Boosts users strength and dexterity, can overcharge to boost wearer temporarily Motion Detection 60ft, Darkvision 60ft, Thermal vision 100ft 40-lb
Mohia in assault power-armour.

Out of all the technological finds that have been discovered by Caladon the Powered Armour is agreed to be the greatest. Utilizing large plates of an unknown material and vast quantities of a strange jelly like sludge the power armour of Caladon is a perplexing mystery to all scientists lucky enough to research one. No Caledonian has succeeded in understanding the mysteries that lie behinds its creation and you can be sure that they have tried but what is known is that power armour has an ability to genetically bind with its wearer granting them with godlike abilities.

Caladon has only a few suits of armour, under eighty, and has to be careful with who it grants the privilege of ownership to. Not only is it an artefact of unfathomable power and rarity but it is also a one way transaction. Once power armour has been donned and powered up it instantly injects synapse tendrils into the wearers spine (which is accessible due to a special skin-tight under-suit) the tendrils than bind into the wearers spinal cord. Once binding is complete the armour has attuned itself to the users nervous pattern. The user than feels the armour as a ‘second skin’ and is granted with greater manoeuvrability in the armour due to the enhanced reaction time. There is no way to reverse the attunement process however but tech’s have discovered notes relating to special booths that not only equipped the armour quickly but also flushed the attunement buffer once the armour was removed. It seems that until one such booth is found power armour will continue to be a one-owner process.


Cumbrian armour was almost a success

Not all power armour is cutting edge, indeed there are many variants of power armour that have been created by other empires in order to rival Caladons own. Nova Russia has had some success with the creation of their Man-o-Wars, a person suited in a miniature warwalkers body. As dangerous as a Man-o-War is on the battlefield his armour is more of a threat to himself than a boon as the immense steam-engine situated on his back is prone to rupturing when under Caladon fire, effectively cooking him alive.

Cumbria has made a little known attempt at power armour. With Caledonian assistance the two cities began a combined research project to make a suit of power armour that would be cost effective to produce. The prototypes were made from converted plate armour of the Cumbrian military that was given a technological overhaul by Caledonian vanguards and Cumbrian artificers. They made some headway but did not manage to produce a power source efficient enough to power the device. Caladon does have a limited supply of fission batteries but they failed to work due to the large magical flux at work from the artificers, see Gauge Anomaly.

Power Armour

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