Supplement Pack

Technological marvel that can avert even death

Effect Cost Weight
20% Resurrection Chance Cannot be bought 1-lb

Using a supplement pack grants a 20% chance of resurrection providing the corpse is not more than 1 minute old and is also in one piece.
The effect is cumulative, if a person is lucky enough to have more than one pack than you can use additional packs each time to increase the roll by a further 20% (Upto 100% success).

Example: A person dies and a medic uses one pack on them, he rolls 28 on a d100 and subsequently fails. He can therefore choose to deplete another pack and than roll again with a 40% chance of resurrection, he rolls a 98. He than depletes a third pack and rolls a 54 which is under 60% thus granting the subject with resurrection.
This resurrection does not deplete experience or constitution score and leaves the recipient on 0hp.
Using a pack takes a full-round action no matter how many are used, but each subsequent addition of a pack provokes an extra attack of opportunity.

Obtaining Packs:
Due to their power it is recommended to not have the packs purchasable but rather lootable as wondrous items or handed out at certain intervals.
If you wish to remove a few packs from a player, due to being over-zealous when handing them out, than just make the resurrection roll 5% rather than 20% and describe some techno-babble about the organic material deteriorating.


Supplement packs are medical marvels from the old kingdom. Using a mixture of organic compounds and synthetic chemicals the packs are capable of temporarily replacing any lost blood in a body while at the same time stimulating regenerative procedures.
Ancient records recovered from Old Kingdom ruins mention an ancient form of resource harvested from vast biological tanks.
Caladon so far has not been able to find any of these tanks nor have they found information on constructing them. Until they do supplement packs will continue to be a sought after luxury.

Supplement Pack

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