Arctic Shelf

The Arctic shelf is a large tundra continent located 5 days sail north of the Explored Kingdom. It was originally discovered 40 years ago by a Caledonian expedition which conducted a small scale prospecting operation near the northern shores. The shelf was not visited for four more decades until revelations about the Demonic species hinted at a possible presence in the Arctic regions. A second expedition was organised which ended in disaster, although a vast Old Kingdom facility was discovered during the chaos but was sadly destroyed when the entire region was annihilated by atomic reactors hidden beneath the surface. The current fate of the Arctic is unknown although cartographers and geologists of the Boran mining guild have predicted that most of the Arctic’s subterranean facilities should be in a stable condition.


The Arctic shelf is the coldest region discovered in the known world. Its temperature ranges from -17 Celsius in the winter to -60 Celsius in the summer. The immense cold catches most explorers by surprise as the temperature far exceeds the boundaries of most cold winter clothing and all magical assistance like endure elements. Power armour is typically safe due to internal environment controllers situated throughout the suit, although the user has to be careful about hidden crevasses as the heavy weight of power armour makes loosely packed snow unstable.

The harshly cold climate has made the Arctic a haven for a large menagerie of strange and almost alien creatures. Ice Trolls and Winter Wolfs typically comb the snow bluffs for snow rabbits or other small mammals, attacking explorers when they have the advantage. The greatest beast lurking the snowy plains is by far the elusive White Dragons, not much is known about their origins or even their behaviour but a Caledonian scout force was attacked by a flight of White Dragons during their reconnaissance of the Arctic. The dragons were dispatched but at the cost of leaving most of the party in need of serious medical care.

Coalition Expedition

Mohia leads her team across the Arctic

The second expedition to the Arctic was less of an expedition and more of an all out invasion. It began when adventurers under the employ of Caladon discovered a possible link between strange elusive mechanical beasts that were ravaging the city and the Demonic invaders. The link revealed that both beasts contained traces of Uranium ore upon them which was most peculiar as Uranium ore was only located in one place in the entire explored kingdom, the Arctic shelf. An expedition was put together within five days from the city of Mogana, the fleet consisted of one Caledonian war-boat ‘Unity’ and a flotilla of around twenty ships from the other four empires. The armada eventually reached the Arctic shelf and began landing materiel onto the shelf at a staggering rate.

After a sizeable base-camp was set up the soldiers were split into ten man expeditions and sent out to scour selected corridors of tundra with one man in each expedition being given a radio communication device to help coordinate the expedition better. Almost a day went past before anything was discovered, most of the Arctic was barren of everything except its natural inhabitants who were none-the-less hostile. Eventually Mohia Matara’s team discovered a pipeline that lead them to a large half-buried entrance tunnel, the pipeline was earlier destroyed by the expedition and subsequently caused a large chain reaction that decimated a large swathe of the Arctic region.

The undeground bunker was sealed shut so Mohia called in local Caledonian reinforcements to assist. As the reinforcements were contacted the party was attacked by a large frost worm, it began swallowing party members until it fatefully swallowed Caledonian Initiate Dina who was equipped with a small localised explosive that ripped the worm into minute pieces. The reinforcements later arrived and assisted Mohia in setting up a lance strike, a special homing ritual that enabled Cumbrian Magi to home in on the location and shell it from a distance with artillery. The vast fire-power broke open the entrance tunnel and allowed the expedition to advanced

The instillation was explored but before long the party ran into Warwalkers that were more advanced than anything ever found. The warwalkers were attacked and destroyed but at the cost of a few fatalities for Caladon. The party pushed on and discovered many wonders including a large hangar filled with ancient rusting flying machines and eventually a huge cylindrical room which contained a colossal warwalker several stories high. The warwalker detected Kizmet and attacked him immediately. The Caledonians engaged and a large battle ensued that culminated in the large warwalker grappling Mohia with its huge hand, crushing her armour to a pulp and breaking her spine. Mohia and some other injured Caledonians were evacuated from the site while the rest of the party and the remaining Caledonians continued to explore the base. The teams explored the base completely, eventually running into a demon that had lived in the base for centuries. The fight went badly when large caches of hidden fuel were ignited in the mêlée. The party escaped in a nearby flying machine and escaped the facility with the remaining Caledonians.

The plane crashed into a snow-bank resulting in no fatalities. With their radio packs wrecked a long trek back to base ensued. Eventually the party came into basecamp but discovered it to contain many wounded soldiers, the expedition was going badly with over 80% of personnel injured. The party found Jaina, sister of Mohia, and informed her of what happened. She was shocked but was quickly distracted by a radio call from another expedition. The call mentioned a large explosion was imminent due to a coolant pipeline being destroyed, Jaina reported that “It had something to do with fusion”

The evacuation was mounted and within ten minutes the entire region was evacuated of all except the Caledonians, who lagged behind to pick up Caledonian stragglers. Eventually picking up their straggling expeditions the Caledonians left and began to rendezvous with the fleet. They managed to get some distance away but the Arctic eventually went critical, obliterating the boat and most of the survivors, to this day it is the biggest loss of life Caladon has ever sustained.

Arctic Shelf

Caladon Arronax