Caledonian Isles

Most of Caladon city resides underground where the humidity of the surface does not affect sensitive technological equipment.

The Caledonian Isles consist of a chain of three islands that rest in the middle of the great expanse. The largest of these isles is home to the vast subterranean city of Caladon. The isles have only been settled on for around 50 years but in that short time they have escalated to become the strongest martial force in the Explored Kingdom. This is due to the chance discovery of a large Old Kingdom cache buried deep within the isles bedrock.

Currently Caladon has a relatively small army, numbering slightly over a thousand active troops, but its lack of numbers is off-set by its supply of advanced technology salvaged from various Old Kingdom ruins. The advanced technology it has salvaged has not only increased Caladon’s military might but has also enabled Caladon to produce advanced medical and chemical compounds for the other empires. Caladon, however, maintains strict control over the more volatile technology it has recovered, a controversial issue amongst the other empires that has become more prevalent since the fall of Thesia.


Caladon was formed fifty years ago as a means to stop the constant skirmishes between the four empires. It was agreed at the first international summit that a fifth empire created solely to police and protect the other four would be in everyone’s best interest. Under a decade later construction was almost finished. The dwarves of Bora were responsible for carving out the immense subterranean caverns while the other three constructed the infrastructure on the surface. After fifteen years the city and surrounding infrastructure were complete.

Caladon began operating five years later and immediately began recruiting citizens. Initially the recruitment process was open to all but after a year it was refined to only include those who passed a genetic test, to this day the reason for the test is not revealed. After recruitment levels reached a sufficient point the isles sealed themselves off from the other empires in order to enhance security, the others empires agreed with this policy but some notable politicians have expressed concern over the unusually high security.

The rise in security was due to a paradigm shift in scientific understanding. Caledonian engineers had been excavating an extension to the subterranean city and stumbled upon a long abandoned Old Kingdom weapons cache. The cache held under a hundred suits of the now legendary Power Armour as well as computing, energy and material technology. It was this discovery that caused Caladon to re-assign its resources into Old Kingdom expeditions.

Notable Caledonians

  • Ria, one of seven members in the Caledonian High-command.
  • Mohia Matara, a young influential general.
  • Jaina Keria, sister of Mohia and head of the Caledonian religion.
  • Kerry Halt, vanguard and member of the technopath research team.
  • Jason Mead, reliable sentinel of the Caledonian army.
  • Dexter, a cyber-mastiff assigned to Mohia’s unit.

Caledonian Isles

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