Core The largest and most respected of the five empires, Cumbria is a predominantly human city-state that spans over the south-eastern peninsula of the Explored Kingdom.
At its heart lies Core, a huge walled city surrounded by fertile farmland. Rising from the centre of the burgeoning cityscape is the huge white tower of the Arcane University. It is here that the worlds magical elite are trained in the fine arts, and safe use, of magic.
The city itself, although predominantly human, is also a multicultural utopia. All the other races frequently travel to the city as a hub for trade and commerce, this has caused much of the city to be divided into districts, each defined by a different races customs.


Core is the most secure city. Although much of the army has been sent to the Thesia DMZ for quarantine duty, there is still very little crime. This has been attributed to the mages of the Arcane University. It is very hard for a criminal to get away with a crime when a mage can cast a plethora of spells to aid the investigation.

Places of Interest

Source Information
Population Metropolis: 32,021 citizens as of last census
Commerce Over 125 million gp wealth, All magic items under 10k are likely sold here.
Security Safest city, surrounding farmland is minimal risk
Alignment Lawful good: Owned by Cumbria
NPC’s Magistrate Helena, Caledonian Ambassador Ria, The Grand Magus
Locations Arcane University, Adventurers Guildhall, Caledonian Embassy, Budson’s Brewery


Caladon Arronax