The ‘Demons’ is a collective term for the multitude of various creatures that are currently attacking the Explored Kingdom.
What little is known about them is sketchy at best. What is known for certain is that their encroachment on the Kingdom’s lands is the biggest threat to security currently facing Caladon.
The demonic forces consist of multiple races, each one drastically different from the last. In the pages of this codex will be a list of the races currently discovered by Kingdom forces and any relative facts about them.


The history of the demonic invasion is long and confusing.
Recent findings suggest that the demonic invasion originated during the height of the Old Kingdom. It has been mentioned in a few recovered documents from this time that the Humans and Elves of this time helped construct vast gateways capable of moving many tons of material and personnel instantaneously, and that subsequently this caused the invasion.
Controversial evidence collected by conscripts during the failed Arctic expedition indicated that after the gateways were constructed and activated they instantaneously connected to an inhospitable plane of existence. Expeditions into the plane proved to be disastrous so the connection to the plane was dropped. Days later the portals re-opened from the other side and before they could mount a sufficient defence they were overwhelmed by legions upon legions of demonic forces. The world was plunged into a war that lasted decades. It is assumed that the Old Kingdom was victorious but at the cost of their entire society.
Currently it is not known how the war truly ended.

Races of the Legions

Demon   gauth This demon resembles a floating head with many eyes. It has a mouth but no ears and is capable of communicating via emanating any sound it wants, it is suspected of also being telepathic.
The creature is unofficially referred to as a “Floater” which typically draws up small laughs from low-ranking soldiers.
Field reports indicate that this creature is capable of emanating a cone of psychic energy that causes immense damage to anybody who is not prepared for combat. While this may be hazardous to most soldiers and civilians the creature is not well protected and can easily be dispatched by a few arrows or well-placed weapon hits.

Demon   lillith The Erinyes are a beautiful demonic race that are typically fielded as officers for small bands of weaker demons.
Erinyes typically stand as tall as a human and wield various weapons that combust into flame at will. These weapons are not the only strengths the Erinyes have as they are capable of wielding a wide range of spells that are more than capable of turning a fight to her advantage.
In the field of battle the only chance soldiers have of taking down an Erinyes is with well-placed suppressive fire as it is very rare for an Erinyes to be grounded long enough for mêlée weapons to be a threat.
If encountering an Erinyes that is solo than be wary. They are capable of opening small unstable rifts to their home-plane. They than summon reinforcements out of this existence to aid them in battle. It is not rare for a few soldiers to rush a lone Erinyes on the TQZ border hoping for an easy kill only to be ambushed by a larger squad of summoned reinforcements.
It is also advisable to not become sexually attracted to an Erinyes. They are capable of altering mental thoughts of the weak minded to suit their needs. Although not as effective as their succubus counterparts an Erinyes is still more than capable of charming a small group of soldiers into aiding her in combat.

Demon   soldier Grunts are the standard foot soldiers of the demon legions. They appear to be a variety of humanoid skeletal remains that have been raised to fight for the legion.
Although they are called grunts by kingdom forces they should not be underestimated. Their power is three times stronger than any human soldier and their intelligence is abnormally high.
When fighting in combat a grunt will typically fight in a small platoon of several other grunts. Their intelligence means that they will utilise anything that will give themselves the edge, be it cover or natural terrain features. Their favourite tactic is to hulk together using their shields for cover while grunts behind them fire bows overhead.
If encountering a grunt than it is highly recommended that you do not underestimate them. Their moderate size and skeletal looks typically cause untrained soldiers to assume that they are simple undead.
The best chance of defeating grunts in combat is to engage them in a mêlée and spell-based fight. Ranged weapons, with the exception of siege and explosive, typically cause minimal damage against a grunt. It is also advisable to search the immediate area before engaging as there have been reports of large demons being attached to grunt patrols. Although currently there has been no confirmed proof of this rumour

Legionnaires (Allied)
The enigmatic and illusive Legionnaires are a race as ancient as the land itself. No-one knows where they come from and even they do not fully understand their history. It is predicted that they are not native to the world that the other races perceive as home, in fact they may even pre-date the Old Kingdom’s downfall.
Legionnaires Others have rebuked this claim, according to Caladon scientists the tests used to identify that the Legionnaires are not native also showed that all the other races are not native to this land too, which either raises serious questions or discredits the original hypothesis.

The legionnaires are currently allied with the races of the explored kingdom. Their skill at infiltrating the TQZ without detection enables them to strike demonic staging ground with ferocious hit-and-run operations.
Controversial evidence has hinted that the legionnaires could of been part of the first wave of demons that invaded the old-kingdom. However this evidence, if true, raises more questions. The most important of which is simple “Why have they switched sides?”

Modified Orc
Orc   bio This demon appears to be the remains of an Orc, an Orc that is several feet taller and grafted with extensive cybernetic attachments.
No-one knows currently why the demons have begun modifying Orcs or even the details behind the process. The Orcs appear to be several times stronger and three times as fast as their normal counterparts. The cybernetic attachments appear to greatly induce the Orcs with regenerative abilities and a strength that enables them to rip open steel with ease. This all comes with a price however, the enhanced strength and regeneration appear to greatly increase the Orc’s core temperature to lethal levels, the demons appear to of alleviated this problem by grafting four small furnace-stacks onto its back to help circulate the heat from the body. Currently only a few soldiers have met this opponent. One such group reported that the Orc posses a few remnants of its past un-altered self and can even be reasoned with, albeit temporarily. They also warned that upon death the Orc’s core temperature rises to critical levels, overloading the attachments and causing a small localised explosion.






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