Ghosts are a swarm of light producing machines

Ghosts are an informal name given to the ghostly visages discovered in some Old Kingdom instillations. They are believed to be a loose swarm of light producing machines that are remotely controlled by devices embedded into the base of the projection. A staggeringly low amount of ghosts have been found in an operational state, this has been attributed to the lack of power required to co-ordinate the vast swarms of nanites. Out of the few ghosts found there have only been about two that have been sentient humanoids, the rest are typically non-sentient displays.

Ghosts are capable of interacting with objects however they cannot leave the confines of their projection base. This means that a ghost can typically manipulate an object, such as a screwdriver, but cannot approach anything that is outside the boundaries of their control platform. There have been small reports salvaged from Old Kingdom caches that tell of entire rooms that had been upgraded to enable ghosts to move around a large area. A few reports discovered around the city of Core mentioned that some seedier entrepreneurs programmed hotels with modified ghosts to supply sexual services to clients, an act that was mentioned to of been legal but somewhat discouraged.

Notable Ghosts

  • Tamantha Kaine – Ghost located in an Old Kingdom fort near Mogana
  • Reya – Ghost was discovered 30 years ago within an Old Kingdom cache deep within Caladon. She is sentient and is used to assist Caladon with tactical command.
  • Tama – Ghost was captain of space vessel located on ocean floor (fate unknown)
Ancient reports say that Demons are easily confused by ghosts


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