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Caladon is a campaign set within a small empire known as the Explored Kingdom (EK). The campaign revolves heavily around the worlds history and the subsequent exploration of it, this also includes the exploration of the players themselves as each PC has their own tailored ‘Heritage Quest’ that uncovers their past and rewards them with various things.

The campaign has been running for nearly a year although play time has been shrunk due to various universities and jobs causing disruption to me and the pc’s alike. Discovering obsidian sanctum should hopefully keep the party up-to date and refreshed with what has accumulated in the campaign as the erratic playing times can cause previous events to be forgotten.

The campaign began just like any other d&d campaign, with orcs, goblins and a dungeon. The game progressed like a normal conventional fantasy with the party slowly picking up hints of advanced technology from their npc contacts. Eventually the party discovers a technologically advanced ruin and discover the shocking reality to their situation. The world they call home is actually a colony and was settled on as little as 500 years ago by human colonists. The world was terraformed to be liveable and within a few decades became a major colony world. Vast advances into dimensional gateways caused havok to the world and eventually an invasion by a hostile force caused civilisation to collapse, the reason for the collapse is unknown but occurred 300 years ago. The party tried telling the world about the truth but it was such a tall tale that no-one currently believes them. With the portals re-opening and demonic incursions happening at a frightening rate it seems likely that the only way to save the world is to either rediscover your races long lost technology or flee the planet, both are not easy when most people still use bows and arrows.

World Overview

The explored kingdom consists of five city states (The power of five). The kingdom is fairly stable but recent incursions by a strange demonic race have caused great concern within the kingdom.

Cumbria is the human lands, the capital of which is called ‘Core

TQZ is the Thesian Quarantine Zone. It is the remains of the Elven city state of Thesia which was destroyed by an unknown army. Nobody that enters the TQZ returns.

Mogana is the lands of the small races, their capital is the tropical city of Mogana.

The Boran Edge is located to the far east, within these mountains lies the vast halls of Bora in which the Dwarves dwell.

Caledonian Isles. This city is only 50 years old and is the collective effort of the other four powers. Together they worked to build a fifth power that would be put exclusively in charge of protecting the Kingdom from external threats. Within the isles lies Caladon, a great subterranean city. No-one but authorised personell are allowed to set foot on Caladon and as such rumours circulate of wondrous machines or archaic devices that surpass even the greatest magic.


For the entire plot compressed into 22 bullet-points please go here. It may seem erratic when compressed so small but bare with us.

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