Main Quests
Caledonian Mission
Scour the kingdom for any artefacts or information that can provide an upper-hand against the Demons.

Current Mission
Destroy the Nova Russia staging ground.
Secondary Mission
Discover what happened to the advanced technology stolen near the Thesian Quarantine Zone.

Heritage Quests
After finding a map that indicates a suspected location of the mysterious ruin called “The Ark” Dina finally has a possible location for the answers she seeks.

Telemis managed to discover the ransacked guildhall of his family’s hunting guild. The place contained various trophies from killed beasts, but alarmingly one of the trophies appeared to be of a grotesque monster unlike anything seen. Telemis also appears to be the target of assassins who are loyal to the Demon insurrection. It is likely the answers he seeks are closely connected to the Thesian Quarantine Zone.

After discovering that he was the first Demon to invade the Old Kingdom Kizmet is perplexed as to the reason behind his downfall, as he has gone from a ravager of an entire world to a simple adventurer. Demons he has encountered hinted at a possible ancient love interest between himself and a troublesome Erinyes called “Lillith”. Maybe she could shed light on the situation…whenever she next shows up.

Vladimir was recently recruited by the Arcane University of mages. He has been offered the tempting reward of his medical licence being reinstated, not to mention a lavish gift of Arcane devices. All he has to do is solve a simple investigation. Corpses have been discovered with various organs being removed or grafted to them, and Vladimir being an expert in the medical field has been ordered to investigate. The last reported discovery of a corpse happened at “Port Clarke” a busy trading hub located to the west of Core.

Fellburger is unsure as to what his purpose is. Although a strange event happened to him as he lay in bed. Maybe the event will happen again but within full-sight of his accomplices.

Side Quests

Shard Point (Fortress)
Kizmet’s imp gave some insight into a local rumour. A town situated east of Bantegan has an ancient fortress that is said to of been created by a mad artificer. Apparently he went insane after creating a powerful device. The keep was left abandoned after his death and was shortly condemned by the local authorities as being unsafe.

Shard Point (Tower)
Rumours discovered from the locals in the town of Bantegan mentioned an ancient tower near the town of “Shard Point”. The tower is said to of been created by a heart-broken mage wishing to envoke the ancient magics of the dragon clans in the hope of resurrecting his wife. The tower is disregarded as a rumour by the guards but there are reports of people disappearing should they stray too close to the towers rumoured location.

The Bantegan Faire
You think it may be time for the renowned Bantegan faire. A three-day celebration to the sun god. It is said that the wine flows so much that even an orc could get lucky with a Bantegan Maiden.

Innsmouth’s Run
The cannibalistic innkeeper of the demonic town called “Innsmouth” has fled with hundreds of other residents. Their brutal murder and cannibalisation of Caledonian personnel has warranted Caladon to declare the civilians as “Fair Game”. Should a Caledonian discover a former resident of Innsmouth than they are to engage and destroy them upon immediate conformation of their identity.

Word of Plarik
The word of Plarik has been a thorn in the party’s side for some time now. They are either openly attacking the party or covertly sabotaging the kingdom. Finding a way to stop the order would greatly alleviate the pressure on the Kingdoms already stretched resources.

Nobody suspects..
Inquisitors for an unnamed church are asking for assistance in the dismantling of a murderous cult located deep within Cumbrian lands. Civilians are going missing around the swampy outskirts of Golana and it is in the nations interests that the matters get looked into.

The trouble with Planes is!
After finding an ancient book documenting the creation of planes Kizmet and Fellburger plan to learn and utilize the book for their own means. A few more days of reading and they will eventually know everything they need to begin the ritual. Currently they only know how to draw the large transmutation circle needed for such a spell. All they need now is to learn the vocal and somantic parts of the spell…plus obtain some willing/unwilling mages to sacrifice.

Traitor in the midst
A note recovered from a dead Plarik assassin revealed that they are being directed from a person living in Caladon. The note was signed “MM” which matches Mohia Matara’s initials.


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