Old Kingdom

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The Old Kingdom was a period in the planets history where scientific knowledge and technological power reached an unprecedented level. It was a golden age of enlightenment that even surpasses Caladon in terms of advancement.
This goldenage happened long before the power of five appeared and knowledge of this time period is now long forgotten, only ruins of ancient dungeons and legends of incredible machines remain.
One of the first edicts passed by Caladon after their founding was the formation of the “Old World Historians”.
A sect of specialist researches who dedicate their entire lives to hunting and preserving old-kingdom relics.
The fate and subsequent destruction of the old-kingdom is the biggest question that faced the historians.


The old-kingdom’s eradication is complex and mysterious to predict as two large anomalies face most historians.
* Why are the ruins of the old-kingdom only 300 years old?
* Why are the demographics of the Explored kingdom in regard to gender so skewed?

The explored kingdom can track its history back 200 years, and it is implausible that all the ancient knowledge and remains suddenly deteriorated in little under a century.
While the historians still have not come to a consensus on the first anomaly they have one theory on the second. The Kingdom’s gender is vastly skewed in the region of 5 females to every male, this does not include non-kingdom races. In fact it was perfectly legal for a man to have multiple wives because the gender gap was so severe, that was until Caladon enforced an anti-polygyny law shortly after its founding.
The historians theorised that only an immense war would leave such a noticeable gender difference, especially for the difference to exist for generations.


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Old Kingdom

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