Organizations and Guilds

Name Primary Req Secondary Req Align Size
Astral Corsairs Rangers, Bards, Clerics 16+ Charisma NG Minor
Crimson Stalkers Rogues, Bards 12+ Silently N Minor
Death Watchers All LE Minor
Exemplars of Earth All 16+ Intellect N Medium
Fighting Hounds Barbarians, Fighters 16+ Strength NG Minor
House of Justice All NPC LG Medium
Marauders Barbarians N Medium
Order of Thunder Paladin, Clerics, Fighters Good LG Minor
Plague Reavers All Evil NE Minor
Ruby Consuls All NPC NG Minor
Screaming Wizards Wizards, Sorcerers NG Minor
Sister Templars Female Paladins Good CG Medium
Sisters of Athena Female Fighters Good CG Minor
Sons of Dante Male Fighters, Paladins N Medium
Star Gazers All – Special Paladins Good CG Minor
Temple Justiciars Cleric, Paladin, Fighter Good NG Medium
Temple of the Goddess All Good Major
The Sentinels All Must find them N Major
Wardens of Virtue All Good CG Minor
Warforge of Bora All Dwarves N Medium
Warpriests of Ogun Clerics Dwarves LG Minor


Astral Corsairs

The astral corsairs are a small band of travellers. They patrol the Explored Kingdom in the hope of finding enlightenment. When they are not found wandering the plains they are instead found keeping order within small communities that may be plagued by bandits or maybe even government forces. Charming and elusive, the Astral Corsairs are often seen as the lovable rogues of the lower classes.

Additional Info:
  • Members wear a black leather band around their neck
  • They do not like blatant evil
  • They do not accept government aid as their political alignment is borderline anarchist
  • They are respected by small towns but seen as upstarts by the larger urban populations
  • Secretive inner circle
  • To join you must meet the requirements and have proof of saving a town
  • <jail> The corsairs will not bail you out of prison but may help break-out attempts
  • <stay> The Corsairs provide free bed & board, with a free meal
  • <armaments> The Corsairs grants limitless martial weapons for a one time 100gp fee

Organizations and Guilds

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