Port Elarana


Port Elarana was the second biggest port in Thesia however due to the invasion of the Demonic forces it quickly became the only port in Thesia, a title that is due to the destruction of the biggest port a few hours after the initial invasion.

Elarana is now just a shadow of its former self. It no longer has any fine silks or ornate furniture to transport to other cities in the kingdom and serves only one purpose, a secure landing point for Kingdom forces. The town itself is dead of all life as most of its citizens have fled to the local refugee camps of Juniper or Linassa, all that remains now are a loose collection of citizens willing to brave the close proximity to the TQZ in order to provide simple services to the soldiers garrisoned on the TQZ border.


Source Information
Population Small Village: 12 actual, 50+ garrisoned
Commerce Less than 100gp wealth, Inn & general store are only businesses
Security Proximity to TQZ makes site dangerous, crime is minimal
Alignment Neutral good: Temporarily owned by Caladon
NPC’s No NPC’s of note reside in this town

Port Elarana

Caladon Arronax