Cassitor’s first warwalker

Warwalkers is the collective name for any automatous construct be it technological or magical in origin. They are found in all areas of life but are most commonly used in security and labour based roles. Every empire has their own variations of warwalker and have typically designed them to meet the needs they require, an example of this would be the considerable strength of the Boran warwalker which was designed to endure the constant cave-ins of deep channel mines.


Historically warwalkers have existed for millennia, this is partly due to the many destroyed warwalkers from the Old Kingdom that litter most ruins, currently though there has been a rise in magically created warwalkers which contribute their existence to the growing popularity of artificer magic. It is illegal to create a warwalker that does not conform to an empires ‘pattern’, this means that a warwalker must be made to the specifications of one of the empires existing warwalker designs, it is not illegal to modify them after creation however and as such there is a growing community of artificers competing to produce a better more efficient design.

Warwalker creation through magical means was first invented by Grand Magus Cassitor. His crafting of a sentient golem capable of learning was hailed as a major breakthrough. Cassitor began producing more and more patterns of warwalkers at an alarming rate. The mage council did not agree with the concerns of Cassitor’s associates and continued to fund his experiments, that was until the fateful accident when one of Cassitor’s warwalkers rampaged and killed eleven magi. The council intervened and imposed tough regulation on the research of warwalker patterns. Cassitor was disgusted with the bureaucracy enforced on his ‘art’ and so he took off into the wilderness to produce his work in secret.

Warwalkers of technical nature are different to their magical created counterparts in that they have complete aversion to magic. They cannot be harmed directly by magical means but also cannot wield magic in any way what so ever. This has caused Caladon to greatly invest in their creation as their magical resistance is a huge boon when fighting the demonic hordes. Caladon has succeeded in creating only two warwalkers themselves as Caledonian scientists vastly underestimated the complex technology required to enable a machine to learn. They have, however, had dramatic success in repairing existing warwalkers from Old Kingdom ruins thanks in part to the vast wealth of information salvaged by Caledonian Vanguards.


Cumbrian MkII
A Cumbrian warwalker protecting its rogue ally


Caladon Arronax